DB News – 2020 Week 6

The first edition. Thanks for reading.

1. NULL Values in SQL Queries

Handling NULL values in SQL is tricky to say the least. An interesting tour of ternary logic.

2. pg_ctl Tips and Tricks

pg_ctl Tips and Tricks

Learn lesser known options of PostgreSQL’s command line server control utility.

3. PostgreSQL For Those Who Can’t Even, Part 1

A cool survey of PostgreSQL, including Dockerized install, setup of VS Code, basic ETL steps and code samples for database access in NodeJS.

4. Database Lab


Open source Postgres full database cloning utility.

5. Neo4j 4.0 Released

Improvements in the 4.0 release include a schema-based security model, distributed queries spanning multiple databases, ability to run multiple databases concurrently, and a focus on reactive architecture.


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